Lady Velvet Cabaret


Summerset Arts Festival 2016Whether it be roving through crowds handing out flyers or coupons, or greeting guests in luxurious costume and posing for photos, Bambi and our team of professional and experienced events hostesses can add to the atmosphere and impact of your event!

Roving performers are an affordable and memorable way to reinforce your event’s theme, add some pizzazz and glamour, direct your guests on where to move, pose for photos to add to your PR reach, and much more. Roving services can often be packaged to include a routine or other choreographed performance, which helps to link your entertainment services together and further impress your guests or clients. We will work with you to choose a theme, costuming, and any other unique requirements you may have, to ensure you get the most out of your performers.

Popular options include roving samba hostesses in glamorous feathered headdresses and sparkling costumes, roving Vegas showgirls in glittering costumes leading guests to gaming tables, 1920s flappers and gangsters interacting with your guests, or even roving magicians, contortionists or fire performers!

Contact us today to find out whether Bambi or another Lady Velvet Cabaret performer is available for your next event.