Lady Velvet Cabaret

Express Tutorial: Bambi la Belle’s Stretch Tips in Under 60 Seconds

Bambi la Belle shares a new stretch to help you gently increase your flexibility. Be sure to check out her tips for increasing or decreasing the stretch depending on your needs:

– Point and flex your feet to increase the stretch
– Lean back on your elbows to decrease the stretch if it’s too much for you
– Try and tuck your head into your legs, with a nice straight back (if you’re not ready for this yet, keep using the basic stretch for a while first)
– Once you’re ready, you can even try pushing your chest against the wall flat, and even point and flex your feet to further increase the stretch

Take your time progressing through the levels and remember your safety and comfort are key

To find out more about stretch and flexibility classes at Lady Velvet Cabaret, view our timetable or contact us for more information!

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