Lady Velvet Cabaret

Photobooth fun at the Hit92.9 Purple Brala!

Wow! My gorgeous girls and I had an absolute blast at Hit92.9’s Purple Brala!

Together with Wild Kat, Candy Cheeks, Lady Pussyfoot and Lola Moore, I had a great time being a little silly in front of the camera in the Hit92.9 Photobooth. There are plenty of photos to share (check them out below) and it was a thrill to spend the evening with so many smiling faces, not to mention amazing gals like Famous Sharron and DJ Feminem.

The girls and I also performed onstage at the Subiaco Arts Centre for a fantastic crowd – I got to perform one of my favourite acts, the Vegas showgirl fan dance, along with ‘Oh Doctor!’ a trio with Candy and Lady Pussyfoot that you will definitely be seeing again.. it’s just too much fun!

If you’d like to check out pics from the show, head over to Lola Moore’s blog or the Lady Velvet Cabaret facebook page.

xox Bambi La Belle

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